My Five-minute Friday post “If I Knew I Could, I Would” and “Hard Love”

So, I am doing what Mary Kathryn suggested and writing 2 five-minute posts in my blog.  I am supposed to write on each topic for 5 solid minutes without editing or stopping.  This comes from a blog called “Gypsy Mama”.  I do not regularly read that blog.  Perhaps I will have to start since five-minute Friday’s are fun and cool (to me anyway).  So here goes:

Hard Love

Hard love says, “I love you, but the buck stops here”.  I need you to respect my line in the sand and stop trying to cross over to my side of the line.  I have a boundary, respect it.  I will respect  your boundaries, because I love you.

Hard love holds a candle in the darkness and gently pulls back the crusty bandage from a long, drawn-out wound that is in need of healing, at just the right time.

Hard love, is you and me engaged in tangled up love that fights and grows and reaches for the light.

Hard love holds fast when no one else will, or can for that matter.  And believes that you can make it, no matter what anyone else says.

Hard love drills deep into the earth and looks for signs life when no life should grow.  Then hands down a rope, to pull that life out into new territory.

Hard love holds fast to the life-giver and encourages fiercely for others to do the same.

If I Knew I Could, I Would…

…jump out of an airplane

…bungee jump off a bridge

…climb Mt. Everest

…save the world from itself

…go on a trek in the Sahara Desert to find that one person

…heal the world of disease

…bring everyone to Jesus

…be less stressed about life

…write books

…love everybody

…and be nice all of the time, no matter what

…sing out loud and not worry about who was listening

…become a famous chef

…feed all of the homeless and give them shelter

…give away all of my money and not worry about tomorrow

…lose all of this weight for good

…eat chocolate without guilt

…heal my family’s broken relationships

…love my mother despite everything

…love my father despite everything


2 responses to “My Five-minute Friday post “If I Knew I Could, I Would” and “Hard Love”

  1. I love both of these. Brilliant as always. 🙂

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