5mf- In Real Life

Five minute Friday’s are a stream- of- consciousness exercise hosted by The Gypsy Mama every Friday.  In an effort to get myself writing more frequently, I am going to participate as frequently as I can.  I am also participating in a weekly bible study at Beauty for Ashes onWednesdays, and in “Just Write!” campaign also hosted by Beauty for Ashes.  The 5mf exercise is simple, The Gypsy Mama gives us a word prompt and we write for 5 minutes.  There is no editing and no backtracking.  Just write whatever comes into your mind.  So here goes this week’s edition of 5mf:

In Real Life

In real life, nothing is at it seems.  People smile at you but they are really hiding.  I might smile you at you and be hiding too.  Real life is scary.  If you knew what I was hiding from you, you might not like it, or me, anymore.  Which is why I hide.  God knows my real life.  He knows my sins, my struggles, my wishes and dreams.  I think that we would exhaust one another if everyone knew as much as God knows.  It is just too  much to handle, even with the best of us.  And, we  might easily judge one another and write each other off if we knew what God knows about our real life.  I like to think that I am out living on the edge and being real with others, but am I really?  No.  Maybe more like 60% real, and 40% secretly.  I am thankful  that God knows my real life like the back of his hand and that I don’t have to hide or pretend with Him.  He can handle my bad stuff all by himself.  And, even though he judges my sin as sin, he doesn’t condemn me to eternal torment.  Thank YOU Jesus!  It is your work on the cross that makes this “Real life” possible .

8 responses to “5mf- In Real Life

  1. Your words ring oh so true. . .we need to learn to be more authentic with each other. God wants that for us. We can’t be there for each other and support one another if we’re always hiding behind our happy face/grimace. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It really is encouraging to me. I complain about people hiding and yet I hide myself. Thank you for this thoughtful post. I’ll have to think about it some more.

    • Hi Phoebe,
      I am so glad that you are encouraged! Don’t we always do what we complain about other people doing (my log, your speck!)?

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad to meet you!


  3. So thankful God knows ALL about me and STILL loves me. The more I discover WHO I AM in and through Christ, the more I discover who I am and little by little, the mask hiding my true identity is peeling away.
    I appreciated your honesty. Great post. Thanks for sharing-

    • Hi Stacy!
      Peel that mask away my sister! I am thankful for God loving me despite me too.

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad to meet you!


  4. {I am thankful that God knows my real life like the back of his hand and that I don’t have to hide or pretend with Him.}

    well, now, isn’t that the truth? we don’t have to hide or pretend with god. i’d like to think that, when we are secure in love, we might not hide ourselves from others, too.

    oh, god. let it be.


    • I’d like to think that too. Even being as close as I am to my husband, there still some things I hide from him. He knows about 98% percent of me, but there is still a little bit I hold back. I am not sure what would happen if I let all 100% out in the open. From experience, I know that some people just don’t want to know everything about me because it’s too much. Even if the relationship is secure. Which can make trusting a precarious exercise. Fear of being judged and condemned looms over relationships for people like me. Which makes me thankful that God knows all and sees all and only judges my sin. Thanks for your reply!


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