5mf- A single ray of light

It’s easy to forget in the deepest, darkest moments how connected I am. Connected to my immediate family, my church family, all the I have touched, and all the people I will touch. Pain can be overwhelming and convince you that you are alone, that going on with life is hopeless, it might as well end now before more suffering occurs. But if I take a moment to reflect on how severing those connections would hurt those I am connected to, the pain of leaving is great enough to keep me here. Connections are what is keeping me here fighting my way through the muck, the mire, the agony, the hopelessness and despair. Life is so hard all on it’s own. Life is harder when one is forced to deal with pain inflicted by other people who were bigger and stronger. The strongest connection of all keeps a small ray of light shining ever present in the darkness, in the deepest pain, the lowest despair. That connection calls me to take another step, no matter how much it hurts, even if I think my legs are broken, or my muscles torn. A single ray of light offering me hope. “Stay connected”, He says, “don’t give up.”

11 responses to “5mf- A single ray of light

  1. Love the ray of light thought- reminds me of John 1 when John talks of Jesus as being the Light of the world. Oh, that we would trust HIM rather than changing circumstances or failing people. Thank you for your thoughts and I will be praying that you will be encouraged as you go into Christmas that the God of the universe gave everything to be with YOU!

  2. Please do remember that Christ is with us in all our pain and that He was born to live through the pain and suffer with us. All to connect us to God so that we would not be alone. This Christmas I pray for you a lessening of your pain and a greater love by those you are connected to.
    In His Name,

  3. We forget sometimes, that where darkness increases, GRACE increases, so we
    can rest in that the darker the mire, the heavier the muck, God’s grace is ramped up to meet the need, surpass the need, and eventually OVERCOME the need. You are an awesome testimony!

  4. We do need each other so much. I have been withdrawing lately and this was what I needed to push me out the door.

  5. Wow. Very powerful words Steph. Thanks for sharing. I am praying for you and your family.

    Peace, Pete

  6. May angels wings embrace you. God bless you and your family.

    You must be at the end of your rope. I felt a tug. ~Author Unknown

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