Take a risk. Be free.

Today is Friday.  Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker (a.k.a The Gypsy Mama), hosts a writing party at her site.  She calls it a writing “flash mob.”  She gives us a one-word prompt.  We write about that word for five minutes straight.  Without editing.  Without backtracking.  Without worrying.  The only other rule is to and encourage other Five Minute Friday writers.  So here goes….

Today’s word is Risk


Every step a person can make towards a better day, a better week, a better life is worth the risk.  Risk will always be part of the equation to do something new.  I risk my perceived happiness.  I risk being uncomfortable.  I risk pain.  I risk embarrassment at my failures.  I risk losing people in my life.  But, the risk is worth it if it means that I will be free from the chains of my past.  Able to do the things I was meant to do.  Able to walk through life unfettered.  Able to genuinely smile and say “I’m doing okay”.  Able to move to the mountains I was meant to move.  Falling down when I take a risk is okay.  It’s part of the process.  It’s part of life.  It’s  not the end of the world.  It’s not the final sentence in the story.  It’s not death.  It’s just a moment in time.  It’s just a temporary setback.  It’s just a risk.


See you on Monday!


8 responses to “Take a risk. Be free.

  1. “Falling down when I take a risk is okay. It’s part of the process. It’s part of life. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not the final sentence in the story. It’s not death. It’s just a moment in time.”

    visiting from fmf… and those were my favorite words. so very true.

  2. Yes!
    Wow … you’ve named the risks oh-so-well. And yes it is ok if we fall down … because we get to rise up again!

  3. ‘able to walk through life unfettered’ – what an amazing ambition – this is on my heart today and for my child. Thanks for sharing

  4. Risk taking is a chunk out of everyday living, called life! Is there a day that goes by that a risk is not taken? Soon, I take my grandkids to Smyna. I risk being lonely after the big drop off. Will life go on, yes! Will I manage another step forth, yes! The process of living is a risk, another bump in the road, or another mountain to climb. Life happens and so do risks.

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