I need your help putting batteries in my flashlight

I sincerely need your help.

I have mentioned before that my aim in having this blog is to help others overcome emotional difficulties.  To realize that they have a choice.  Because a lot of people just don’t seem to know this.  So, I have been here as often as I can get here and I write about that.  So far it’s been good for me.  Occasionally, I hear from someone (sometimes on Facebook, sometimes in person) that they like what I have to say, so for some, it’s good for them.  If there are more of you out there, I’m not sure who you are, and that’s okay.

I am generally inspired by something I read, or something I heard, or something I thought.  And, while I am sure that the topics I write about are good, in general (or maybe just good for me) I want to write about things that touch your heart.  Because I don’t want this blog to be just about me.  I mostly want it to be about you.  I want to help you see things from a new perspective.  I want to help you onto your new life.  I want to be your cheerleader.  I want to support your efforts.    I want to shine light in the dark places of your mind and gently coax you into newness, wholeness, healing.  In  other words, I want to write about the things you are interested in reading.

So I put it to you: What is it you would like most to hear from me?  What stirs your heart? What kind of kick in the pants do you need to get going?

If you scroll down a little, you will find a comments section.  You can leave a comment there with your name, or without your name, it’s your choice.  Or, you can comment on Facebook if you like.  But, let me know what’s on your mind…

2 responses to “I need your help putting batteries in my flashlight

  1. How about “Overcoming Writer’s Block”?

    I always read your comments and the links are good too.

    I’m thinking about starting a blog too, because I get these random thoughts that may or may not mean anything to anybody, but it’s nice to put things into words, especially since I am conversation-starved. The whole world seems to run on snippets dropped in passing. When I turn around to respond the speaker is gone. Then too I just don’t know what to say sometimes – I don’t agree with everything but I fear I will offend someone, so I can’t say what I think.

    Some day I think I will start spouting off and just won’t shut up. When I am so bottled up that I start to fizz, the top blows off, and, well, blah, blah, blah.

    Love you doll!

    • Hi Page!
      First of all, thanks for commenting! Second of all, “Overcoming Writer’s Block” is a little off-topic for me, unless there is an emotional angle that is impeding the process. Frankly, I have no experience with that topic anyway. But, I would love to discuss this topic with you if want to right here and maybe we could find a solution. Interested?

      Love you back!

      P.S. Why not write a blog? There are always going to be those who are offended by what you say. Don’t let that be a reason NOT to write a blog…

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