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Expecting Glory…

Today is Friday.  We write free and bold and with out self-editing.  For five whole minutes.

Today’s word: Expectation




Expectation.  Is it bad? Is it good? I don’t know.  Expectations often lead to disappointment and embarrassment.  Expectations often lead to sadness and despair.  We want what we want.  We expect good things to happen, then they don’t.  We expect God to take care of us…and He does.  Expectations of God are a tricky thing.  He never promised us a rosy life, but He did promise that He would always be there.  He did promise that he would always walk through “it” with us.  He did promise that He would carry us when we needed Him (whether we knew it or not).  He did promise that give us just the right amount of strength and grace to get through the storms in life.  Those are expectations we can take to the bank.  We can cash in those promises.  We can expect to survive this life as we walk with expectation into the next.  We can expect that God will show up in our deepest, darkest moments.  We can expect that he will do what He says He will do.  Because He is Who He is.  He is the Creator of the Universe after all.  He is what least expect Him to be and more.  He is mother and father to us all.  He is gentle friend and firm counselor.  We can expect the best from Him.  We can expect to shine out His glory in our life.

Meet me in the moments of tenderness

It’s Friday folks.  Time for another 5 minutes of writing wild and free.  No second-guessing, no back-tracking, or other hyphenated words that stop us from being bold.  Just write.

Today’s word: Tender

Softness and joy

Love and freedom

Living life with your care

Hope and tenderness I receive from you

Eternal giver of life and hope

Tenderness from you

To me

From me

To others

Lord help me to be free to touch others

With the same tenderness I receive

Holding up hands with joy






You gave your life away

So I could give mine away

And do the same as you

Do for each one that calls you

Father, brother, friend

And for those that don’t know you yet

Be with me now

Let us share this moment of tenderness

Full and free

A life received and given away

Without doubt

Without fear

Without shame

Meet me in the moments of tenderness

More vivid than usual…

*Dust, dust*

*Scrape, scrape*

*Wash, wash*

Ah, that’s better.  It’s been a while.  Sorry little blog.  I didn’t mean to let you gather so much dust.  I am much less distracted now and wish to renew our friendship.  Will you forgive me?  You will? Oh, thanks!

What better way to celebrate my reentry to the blogdom than to do a Five Minute Friday?

Let’s write bold and free for five non-stop minutes shall we?  Excuse me while I get out my timer…


God makes everything brighter and more vivid.  Everything shines to my eyes when God is involved in the details.  Sometimes I stand like a child, awed by the sun, blinking back tears at the sheer joy of it all.  How could I not?  God’s love can be so overwhelming at times, flowing into every nook and cranny of my soul, making everything cleaner, brighter, more vivid.  When God makes something more vivid, I can see minute details I never noticed before.  A bead of dew here, a friends smile wrinkles there, a word well-spoken right in front of me.  How can I not notice the glorious and grand details of His design when my vision is clearer, when life is more vivid than usual? My heart is beats in tune with the details of His plan when they are known to me and I see the brightness of His glory shining for my unfettered eyes.

Thanks for being here!

You too little blog!


Bold, unscripted, unedited, and free.  It’s five-minute Friday.  Cuz that’s how we like it.


I like to remember what God has done for me.  It’s so easy to forget how many times he has healed my heart, my mind, my soul.  Remembering what God has done stokes the fires of faith.  A fire that I can pass on with the word of my testimony.  Testimony to his greatness and his Glory.  Testimony to his character and his love for me (and you).  Igniting the flames of passion in other’s hearts for God is what this Christianity thing is all about.  Walking through the trials and tribulations and coming out on the other side clean and fresh and new is something only God can make happen.  So remember, remember today and always what God has done for you.  Stoke the flames in your heart with the memories of how he held you in his arms that one time.  Pass that fire onto someone else so that they may know God’s love for them.  Because, that’s the point, right?

5mf- Look Beyond What You Know

5 minutes of unedited writing…No worries, no backtracking, no fussing. Just write…


For some reason I am drawing a blank here. Beyond fits in my life somehow. I look beyond the stars of my own sky, I look beyond my own sin, I look beyond my own feelings, to find Him. Jesus wanted us to look beyond the law and find Him. Paul wanted us to look beyond our own mistakes and find Him. God wants us to look beyond our own realities and find Him. By looking beyond what we can see, we find hope. We find peace, we find purpose. When we choose too look beyond, we choose to rise above that which Satan would have us believe about ourselves and our reality- that we are stuck, useless, and purposeless. God says that we are unstuck, useful, and purposeful. After all, He created us in His image. After all, we were created with a purpose on this earth. We have a job to do. Look beyond what you know and find the meaning of your life.

I guess I wasn’t so blank after all.

5mf- Catch


Catch me if you can.

I am running ahead at full speed.

Catch me if you can.

I fly by to fast to see.

Catch me if you can.

I run breathlessly as I wait.

Catch me if you can.

My need is for speed.

Catch me you did.

As you help me slow down.

Catch me you did.

As you teach me to breath

Catch me you did.

As you tell me your plan.

Catch me you did.

As you hold me in your hand.

5mf and other things

First things first.  I did not write in my blog on Wednesday or Thursday.  I feel guilt about this.  Part of me just wants to give up on this whole endeavor.  It’s too hard, I have no audience (that I am aware of), I feel adrift and alone on an ocean of words.  The past couple of days I have been lying in bed in the morning asking the Lord to show me what to do about this whole writing thing, because I am reluctant.  I doubt my skills and my purpose here.  I am trying to be okay with not having an audience and with writing whatever is in my heart, even if other people don’t like it or respond to it.  This is hard.  It is hard to do just because God said so.  I am struggling to be faithful.  I have been asking the Lord for a system that I can count on that would facilitate writing in this blog day after day.  So here is my schedule for the week:

Monday: Monday Morning Meditations (1-word prompts)

Tuesday: Telling My Story

Wednesday: Weekly Bible Study (currently hosted by MK at Beauty for Ashes)

Thursday: Anything goes

Friday: Five minute Fridays (Thank you for this Gypsy Mama!)

Also, I have been holding on just a little longer because something big is coming this Saturday.  A BIG healing.  So the past few days have been just about remembering to breath.  So, if you tune in Tuesday I will explain what did or did not happen Saturday.

Hopefully this will work for me and I will write every day.  Pray for me.

So, this weeks prompt from Gypsy Mama is Ordinary

Sometimes I think I would like to have an ordinary life.  But, really?  My life is anything but ordinary.  Ordinary can be boring.  Sometimes when I talk to people with ordinary lives they say, “Nothing much as changed”.  I feel sad for them.  But, maybe they are okay with ordinary.  Maybe ordinary is their “happy place”.  I guess I find ordinary boring.  Gave me the gift of being a visionary, an adventurer, and a pioneer.  I am constantly building, seeking, pushing forward, and trying something new.  Not out of a need for my life to be less boring, just because I find these things exciting.  I know not everybody is like me.  Some people thrive on maintaining things like a gardener maintains his flowers and vegetables.  Loving, consistent, gentle care come from these people.  I am explosive, hyper, pushy, demanding (in a good way) visionary.  I like to start things and move on to the next thing.  I need the maintainers as much as the maintainers need visionaries.  One without the other would be meaningless.  God made the hand dependent of the foot and vice versa.  With the foot the hand would never get anywhere, with out the hand, the foot would have nothing to do.

Here’s to the visionaries and the maintainers!

On Friends- 5mf

Having friends hasn’t always been so easy.  I moved around a lot as kid so I didn’t grow up with the same group of people.  I often wasn’t accepted at school because I wasn’t part of the “growing up together” friendship circles that existed.  I  had a few acquaintances that I talked to and hung out with, but not a soul friend that knew me through and through.  As an adult,  I had a few friendships that ended in disaster because I did too much, or they did too  little.  Or I picked the wrong kind of people.  I  had to be more deliberate and less needy to form some true friendships.  In the past 10 years I have carefully worked on being the kind of person that people would want to be friends with.  I stopped being clingy and needy, stopped trying too hard.  I was just there with all my quirks.  And eventually, my friends were there too.  Nowadays,  I have a few friends that know me through and through, that know my quirks and deep dark secrets, but love me anyway.  One of my friends even called me “sister”.  I cried when she said that to me.  Finally.  A true sister-friend.  Thank your Lord for true friends.  I Thank you Lord for the mamas-friends, the sister-friends, the brother-friends that I have now with good healthy connections.

Push past the pain

On Gypsy Mama’s blogsite she says, “We write bold and beautiful and free. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just write or not.”

I don’t think I can say that any better.  If you want to join in you can write your own and link up at her website.

Okay here goes…


Growing causes pain.  Pain causes suffering.  Or pain causes growth.  This all depend on how you look at it.  I am sure that the tender new plants pushing their tiny new leaves towards the sun would feel pain, if plants could feel pain.  Pushing against the soil, the rocks, the clinging and wet mud, causes one to push back.  Anyone who has ever exercised or spent a day helping a friend move understands the pain that using muscles creates.  New muscle fiber is formed in the valleys created by old muscle being torn when used for a little more than the muscle can handle.  But, unless the old muscle makes way and splits from itself, the new muscle has no room to grow.  So, the pain of tearing and rending causes new growth.  New growth means something greater will be accomplished than what could be accomplished in the old state.  So, push and strain against the pain and encounter new growth.  Allow your muscle fibers to tear a bit and be filled in with new growth.

5mf- In Real Life

Five minute Friday’s are a stream- of- consciousness exercise hosted by The Gypsy Mama every Friday.  In an effort to get myself writing more frequently, I am going to participate as frequently as I can.  I am also participating in a weekly bible study at Beauty for Ashes onWednesdays, and in “Just Write!” campaign also hosted by Beauty for Ashes.  The 5mf exercise is simple, The Gypsy Mama gives us a word prompt and we write for 5 minutes.  There is no editing and no backtracking.  Just write whatever comes into your mind.  So here goes this week’s edition of 5mf:

In Real Life

In real life, nothing is at it seems.  People smile at you but they are really hiding.  I might smile you at you and be hiding too.  Real life is scary.  If you knew what I was hiding from you, you might not like it, or me, anymore.  Which is why I hide.  God knows my real life.  He knows my sins, my struggles, my wishes and dreams.  I think that we would exhaust one another if everyone knew as much as God knows.  It is just too  much to handle, even with the best of us.  And, we  might easily judge one another and write each other off if we knew what God knows about our real life.  I like to think that I am out living on the edge and being real with others, but am I really?  No.  Maybe more like 60% real, and 40% secretly.  I am thankful  that God knows my real life like the back of his hand and that I don’t have to hide or pretend with Him.  He can handle my bad stuff all by himself.  And, even though he judges my sin as sin, he doesn’t condemn me to eternal torment.  Thank YOU Jesus!  It is your work on the cross that makes this “Real life” possible .