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Sparkle- Day 3 of the Just Write! campaign

Welcome to day 3 of the Just Write! campaign here at Beauty in it’s time.  Mary Kathryn Tyson is hosting this campaign in an effort to get her creative juices flowing, and other people’s as well.  I have chosen to participate because I need a kick in the rear to get myself writing more frequently.  So,everyday that she does this she will give us a one-word prompt and we “JustWrite!” for five minutes without editing (note: editing for grammar errors is okay, just don’t do a total rewrite). We are not trying to craft masterpieces here, we are attempting to “Just Write!” and get the creative juices flowing. MK has offered to allow us to write in her comments section, or to put a link in her comments if we have our own blog to write in.



Bright lights, small city

I’m sure gonna write this ditty

Heaven’s hope

That I’m not a dope

I sure hope these lines are witty

Five  minutes

To open my mind

To sparkle and shine

In this heart of my mine

Praise God

In heaven above

Lo0king down with love

My heart’s on fire

My one desire

Is to not to shove

The sparkle out of my life

So please say “Hi”

After this ditty of mine

Or else, I  might whine

Just kidding

Boy this hard

Not trying for an award

Just to write these words of mine

Sparkle and shine

These words in line

In your heart and mine


Wow, I am not sure what the above is, but whatever.


Formed from my own skin, wrapped in my own desire.

What was me, is not me, anymore.

Me is different.

Wrapped tightly in my own desire.

I put myself in this darkness,

Wrapped myself in this pain.

I long to be free.

Pushing, shoving, hoping.

Looking for the light,

That must be there.

Chrysalis, set me free.

A scent, a sight, a sound.

Can it be?

The urge of freedom,

Stronger than my desire.

Pushing, shoving, straining to be free.

At last.

I can fly.