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Expecting Glory…

Today is Friday.  We write free and bold and with out self-editing.  For five whole minutes.

Today’s word: Expectation




Expectation.  Is it bad? Is it good? I don’t know.  Expectations often lead to disappointment and embarrassment.  Expectations often lead to sadness and despair.  We want what we want.  We expect good things to happen, then they don’t.  We expect God to take care of us…and He does.  Expectations of God are a tricky thing.  He never promised us a rosy life, but He did promise that He would always be there.  He did promise that he would always walk through “it” with us.  He did promise that He would carry us when we needed Him (whether we knew it or not).  He did promise that give us just the right amount of strength and grace to get through the storms in life.  Those are expectations we can take to the bank.  We can cash in those promises.  We can expect to survive this life as we walk with expectation into the next.  We can expect that God will show up in our deepest, darkest moments.  We can expect that he will do what He says He will do.  Because He is Who He is.  He is the Creator of the Universe after all.  He is what least expect Him to be and more.  He is mother and father to us all.  He is gentle friend and firm counselor.  We can expect the best from Him.  We can expect to shine out His glory in our life.

On Friends- 5mf

Having friends hasn’t always been so easy.  I moved around a lot as kid so I didn’t grow up with the same group of people.  I often wasn’t accepted at school because I wasn’t part of the “growing up together” friendship circles that existed.  I  had a few acquaintances that I talked to and hung out with, but not a soul friend that knew me through and through.  As an adult,  I had a few friendships that ended in disaster because I did too much, or they did too  little.  Or I picked the wrong kind of people.  I  had to be more deliberate and less needy to form some true friendships.  In the past 10 years I have carefully worked on being the kind of person that people would want to be friends with.  I stopped being clingy and needy, stopped trying too hard.  I was just there with all my quirks.  And eventually, my friends were there too.  Nowadays,  I have a few friends that know me through and through, that know my quirks and deep dark secrets, but love me anyway.  One of my friends even called me “sister”.  I cried when she said that to me.  Finally.  A true sister-friend.  Thank your Lord for true friends.  I Thank you Lord for the mamas-friends, the sister-friends, the brother-friends that I have now with good healthy connections.

5mf Post- Rest

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Five minute Friday’s are a stream- of- consciousness exercise hosted by The Gypsy Mama every Friday.  In an effort to get myself writing more frequently, I am going to participate as frequently as I can.  I am also participating in a weekly bible study at Beauty for Ashes onWednesdays, and in “Just Write!” campaign also hosted by Beauty for Ashes.  The 5mf exercise is simple, The Gypsy Mama gives us a word prompt and we write for 5 minutes.  There is no editing and no backtracking.  Just write whatever comes into your mind.  So here goes this week’s edition of 5mf:


I just got up from a  nap.  I was attempting to rest, because I feel so tired.  I just needed a nap.  Instead of actually sleeping, I thought of all the reasons that I don’t have time to sleep, or that keep me awake.  Secrets about my sins, things that stress me out, physical pain, spiritual hunger, needing more God in my life.  It’s easy to look at someone and say, “You need more rest!” without actually understanding what keeps them from resting.  Truly resting is not an experience that involves sleep.  Truly resting involves trusting.  Trusting that everything will be alright.  Trusting that God’s got it covered, that He has my back.  I struggle and struggle to find this place of rest and abandon.  I struggle to just let go, and let things lie where they in my life.  I want to be able to feel the sweetness of utter and complete rest.  Of lack of control.  I mean, if God is big enough, why do I need to worry?  He says he wants my burdens, so why not give them to Him?  Why not let Him fight the good fight on behalf?  The pain, the worry, and the frustration don’t have to be mine.  Here is a prayer hoping to let go and let be.

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My Five-minute Friday post “If I Knew I Could, I Would” and “Hard Love”

So, I am doing what Mary Kathryn suggested and writing 2 five-minute posts in my blog.  I am supposed to write on each topic for 5 solid minutes without editing or stopping.  This comes from a blog called “Gypsy Mama”.  I do not regularly read that blog.  Perhaps I will have to start since five-minute Friday’s are fun and cool (to me anyway).  So here goes:

Hard Love

Hard love says, “I love you, but the buck stops here”.  I need you to respect my line in the sand and stop trying to cross over to my side of the line.  I have a boundary, respect it.  I will respect  your boundaries, because I love you.

Hard love holds a candle in the darkness and gently pulls back the crusty bandage from a long, drawn-out wound that is in need of healing, at just the right time.

Hard love, is you and me engaged in tangled up love that fights and grows and reaches for the light.

Hard love holds fast when no one else will, or can for that matter.  And believes that you can make it, no matter what anyone else says.

Hard love drills deep into the earth and looks for signs life when no life should grow.  Then hands down a rope, to pull that life out into new territory.

Hard love holds fast to the life-giver and encourages fiercely for others to do the same.

If I Knew I Could, I Would…

…jump out of an airplane

…bungee jump off a bridge

…climb Mt. Everest

…save the world from itself

…go on a trek in the Sahara Desert to find that one person

…heal the world of disease

…bring everyone to Jesus

…be less stressed about life

…write books

…love everybody

…and be nice all of the time, no matter what

…sing out loud and not worry about who was listening

…become a famous chef

…feed all of the homeless and give them shelter

…give away all of my money and not worry about tomorrow

…lose all of this weight for good

…eat chocolate without guilt

…heal my family’s broken relationships

…love my mother despite everything

…love my father despite everything