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5mf and other things

First things first.  I did not write in my blog on Wednesday or Thursday.  I feel guilt about this.  Part of me just wants to give up on this whole endeavor.  It’s too hard, I have no audience (that I am aware of), I feel adrift and alone on an ocean of words.  The past couple of days I have been lying in bed in the morning asking the Lord to show me what to do about this whole writing thing, because I am reluctant.  I doubt my skills and my purpose here.  I am trying to be okay with not having an audience and with writing whatever is in my heart, even if other people don’t like it or respond to it.  This is hard.  It is hard to do just because God said so.  I am struggling to be faithful.  I have been asking the Lord for a system that I can count on that would facilitate writing in this blog day after day.  So here is my schedule for the week:

Monday: Monday Morning Meditations (1-word prompts)

Tuesday: Telling My Story

Wednesday: Weekly Bible Study (currently hosted by MK at Beauty for Ashes)

Thursday: Anything goes

Friday: Five minute Fridays (Thank you for this Gypsy Mama!)

Also, I have been holding on just a little longer because something big is coming this Saturday.  A BIG healing.  So the past few days have been just about remembering to breath.  So, if you tune in Tuesday I will explain what did or did not happen Saturday.

Hopefully this will work for me and I will write every day.  Pray for me.

So, this weeks prompt from Gypsy Mama is Ordinary

Sometimes I think I would like to have an ordinary life.  But, really?  My life is anything but ordinary.  Ordinary can be boring.  Sometimes when I talk to people with ordinary lives they say, “Nothing much as changed”.  I feel sad for them.  But, maybe they are okay with ordinary.  Maybe ordinary is their “happy place”.  I guess I find ordinary boring.  Gave me the gift of being a visionary, an adventurer, and a pioneer.  I am constantly building, seeking, pushing forward, and trying something new.  Not out of a need for my life to be less boring, just because I find these things exciting.  I know not everybody is like me.  Some people thrive on maintaining things like a gardener maintains his flowers and vegetables.  Loving, consistent, gentle care come from these people.  I am explosive, hyper, pushy, demanding (in a good way) visionary.  I like to start things and move on to the next thing.  I need the maintainers as much as the maintainers need visionaries.  One without the other would be meaningless.  God made the hand dependent of the foot and vice versa.  With the foot the hand would never get anywhere, with out the hand, the foot would have nothing to do.

Here’s to the visionaries and the maintainers!

Fun!- Day 5 of the Just Write! campaign

If  you have been following this at all, you know the drill about what I am doing.  If not, click here.

So today’s word is Fun.  But I decided it needed an exclamation point so now it’s Fun!

(I think I am gonna throw off the 5 minute time restraint a little.  Because it’s more fun!)


I like to do things that make me giggle with delight.  I like to be around people that make me giggle with delight.  I guess I like giggling with delight.  Full on belly laughs are good too.  My husband and I try really hard to have fun in our little family.  We sing silly songs, make up silly games, tell silly jokes, have tickle fights (which are all one-sided because my husband is not ticklish.  NOT FAIR!), and try to outdo each other with goofiness and silliness…and that is just the two of us.  Our 6 year old joins in our silliness and fun and adds his own brand of humor.  I am always happy to do things with friends that are fun.  And sometimes I am surprised at how much fun I had when trying something new.  I recently got to go shopping with a very good friend of mine and her teenage daughter.  I love them both so dearly, so naturally we just have fun together.  But, this shopping trip was extra fun for me because it’s something I rarely do.  And, we always celebrate birthdays together (the daughter’s birthday is on my birthday, and the mom’s is the day after), so this year we went to shopping on Main Street in our college town.  We looked at stuff, giggled at silly sayings on wall plaques and cards, ate too much goodies, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The best thing about fun is that afterwards my heart feels full of life and spirit.  It’s hard to be grumpy and cranky when one is having fun.  The ability to laugh is one of God’s greatest gifts, no?  I mean, why else would Proverbs 17 :22 say ” A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bone.” (KJV).

So go out and have some Fun! people!

Sweet- Day 3 of the Just Write! campaign

Welcome to day 3 of the Just Write! campaign here at Beauty in it’s time.  Mary Kathryn Tyson is hosting this campaign in an effort to get her creative juices flowing, and other people’s as well.  I have chosen to participate because I need a kick in the rear to get myself writing more frequently.  So,everyday that she does this she will give us a one-word prompt and we “JustWrite!” for five minutes without editing (note: editing for grammar errors is okay, just don’t do a total rewrite). We are not trying to craft masterpieces here, we are attempting to “Just Write!” and get the creative juices flowing. MK has offered to allow us to write in her comments section, or to put a link in her comments if we have our own blog to write in.


I like to eat sweets, I like to be sweet, and I like to be treated sweetly by others.  In other words, I like a lot of sugar in my life.  But, I don’t like false sweetness, that makes the sweetness sour.  Being sweet means being kind to others and going out of  my way to say or do something that puts a little sugar in someone else’s life.  It’s sort of like giving a gift that is both a delight and a surprise.  I like it when God is sweet to me.  He has infinite resources that he can tap any time, and he frequently does for you and I.  Like, when I’m worried about finances, and we go out to dinner, but try to keep spending in check, and I find a $10 bill lying on the ground.  I think, God must have dropped that there for me, how sweet.  So, really, our dinner only cost $15.  Sweet.  Being sweet to others is difficult sometimes.  The passages in 1 Corinthians 13 concerning LOVE reminds me that I need be sweet to others.  And, God is an eternal source of sweetness that I just need to tap into and let it pour through me to others.