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Don’t let the fire-breathing dragons of life intimidate you into a case of the “I Can’ts”

I’ve had a bad couple of days.  This is mostly what I felt like:

Meet my alter-ego, Mrs. Viking Grumpy Pants.

Blog writing was right out.

However, because I cannot shut this brain of mine off, I have been thinking about a conversation I had with a friend on Sunday.  She didn’t say exactly what was going on in her life, but she did say she just couldn’t take anymore pain and suffering.   She just couldn’t go on anymore.  She wanted to give up and give in.  I did my best to encourage her to not give up, to trust God’s process, and to get back on track.  In other word, she is trying to make some changes and keeps getting knocked down.

Let’s be honest, most of our habits need to change.  Especially the emotional habits that constantly put us on the edge of a cliff.  That cliff you can’t see because you’re too busy making butt impressions on the couch.  Habits grow neurons in our brain that settle in with their favorite treats to watch a movie and refuse to budge from that really comfy couch because  you made an excellent indent where their butt goes.  Habits are familiar.  Habits are comfortable.  Habits are safe.

Making changes is a lot like fighting a fire-breathing dragon.  It’s difficult and it can be painful.  I mean, after all they have that nasty habit of giggling at me when I attempt to hack my way through their hard, scaly skin.  And the fire.  Need I say more?

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

When faced with this, it is easy to want to give up.  I mean after all, falling down repeatedly on  your face is a painful (and embarrassing) experience.  Why would any sane person keep doing something that hurts, right?  If you’re not careful, this kind of thinking can give you a case of the “I Can’ts”.  As in “I just can’t do this anymore.”  As in “I can’t face the pain anymore.”  As in “I can’t change.”  As in “let’s just give up and let the dragon eat us, m’kay?” (Ok, that last didn’t technically have “I can’t” in there, but you get my point)

Yes, making changes is difficult and painful, but not impossible.

That’s right I said “NOT IMPOSSIBLE”.  (I shouted that in case you didn’t hear me.  You’re welcome)

It requires work, determination, sweat, blood, tears, grit, toughness and any other “You Can Do This” adjective you’d like to throw in there.  If you keep at it,  you’ll get there eventually.  That dragon does  have it’s weak spots.  You just have to keep looking for them.

Because the pain and difficulties associated with change are a price worth paying to get you out of your butt-impression making half-life.

I promise.


So, tell me about one of  your fire-breathing dragons…

Fun!- Day 5 of the Just Write! campaign

If  you have been following this at all, you know the drill about what I am doing.  If not, click here.

So today’s word is Fun.  But I decided it needed an exclamation point so now it’s Fun!

(I think I am gonna throw off the 5 minute time restraint a little.  Because it’s more fun!)


I like to do things that make me giggle with delight.  I like to be around people that make me giggle with delight.  I guess I like giggling with delight.  Full on belly laughs are good too.  My husband and I try really hard to have fun in our little family.  We sing silly songs, make up silly games, tell silly jokes, have tickle fights (which are all one-sided because my husband is not ticklish.  NOT FAIR!), and try to outdo each other with goofiness and silliness…and that is just the two of us.  Our 6 year old joins in our silliness and fun and adds his own brand of humor.  I am always happy to do things with friends that are fun.  And sometimes I am surprised at how much fun I had when trying something new.  I recently got to go shopping with a very good friend of mine and her teenage daughter.  I love them both so dearly, so naturally we just have fun together.  But, this shopping trip was extra fun for me because it’s something I rarely do.  And, we always celebrate birthdays together (the daughter’s birthday is on my birthday, and the mom’s is the day after), so this year we went to shopping on Main Street in our college town.  We looked at stuff, giggled at silly sayings on wall plaques and cards, ate too much goodies, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The best thing about fun is that afterwards my heart feels full of life and spirit.  It’s hard to be grumpy and cranky when one is having fun.  The ability to laugh is one of God’s greatest gifts, no?  I mean, why else would Proverbs 17 :22 say ” A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bone.” (KJV).

So go out and have some Fun! people!